Why KW Agents are Here:

"Great professional environment with great co-workers who are always willing to help out, no matter what."

"Keller Williams makes it about the agent, not about the brand,"

"The reason I am at Keller Williams is because they offer exceptional training that focuses on the basics. The support offered and the focus on lead generation is what makes KW different."

"Best real estate firm that has two distinct branches (residential and commercial) that play well in the sandbox together. People are generally focused on residential or commercial, and refer business to each other. The system works and is very collegial in its approach. Both entities have distinct leadership, resources, networking and initiatives separate from each other yet connected in a way that supports getting deals done effectively."

"I am at Keller Williams because of the business culture, systems and personal support."

"Commission splits are what brought me here. Agents that will work with you to help you build your business are what kept me here!"

"I recently decided to change brokerages after many years of contemplating a move and interviewing with all the different offices in town on several different occasions over the years. When I came to Keller Williams recently it was different; I felt an enthusiasm throughout the office and the technology and training… I was impressed as to how much Keller Williams offered to make me successful and how much they wanted to help with my business. It was obvious that they were there to help me grow and flourish.
Since the move I have been even more impressed with the Company, the agent's willingness to help, marketing materials, technology and the training opportunities. The move has brought more than I expected and I could not be happier with my move. Even though I have been in business for over 13 years we are always ready to improve ourselves and increase our business… Keller Williams doesn't manage an office of agents, they are more of a coach to their agents and are there for you.
I could not be happier!
I am glad I finally made a change.